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Gudauri Hills

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About project

Investment project “Gudauri Hills” is a multifunctional Apartment Hotel in Gudauri, offering apartments, furnished with European high quality materials and equipped with modern techniques and inventory.

Company is distinguished with 20 years of working experience in development business. Many projects were and are executed by highly qualified team members, including a finished residential building (90 apartments) in Gudauri and an ongoing building 5 star hotel, with 135 rooms.

Offered project is a hotel-type residential building with 62 apartments, in compliance to the modern standards, where by purchasing the property, you will become the resident and at the same time long-term partner of the Gudauri Hills. In case of resident’s interest, Gudauri Hills arranges to rent the apartment, providing the owner with continuous income. The building is distinguished with exceptional location, set in several meters from both the highway and ski way: Ski-in/Ski-out concept with the first lift. Building is situated on 2070 m from sea level, gifting you with a wonderful view over the Caucasus Mountains.

Key facts

  • Hotel-type apartments with completed repairs and furnished
  • Building is 6-storyed, hotel -type residential building equipped with lobby, restaurant, ski depo and outdoor parking
  • Building is projected according to 41st regulation of the government, considering the standards of modern hotel
  • Building is a reinforcement construction, furnished with high-quality energy efficient and green good materials, the building will be equipped with modern security and safety systems
  • Thermal isolation of facade provides effective exploitation of the building, saving of utilities expenses up to 40%
  • Apartments are delivered renovated. In case of lease agreement, apartments will be delivered with necessary furniture and equipment.
  • The delivery date of the construction and the deadline for the project – December, 2019

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2 rooms 4 pers New Gudauri
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