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27.08 - 02.09.2018: a guided ascent on mt. Tetnuldi
5 июня 2018 14:37
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363 messages
5 июня 2018 14:37 Reply


Tetnuldi is the summit, located on the spur of the Main Caucasus Range (Upper Svaneti, Georgia). 2B route (in Russian classification) is the classical ascending route on mount Tetnuldi. It takes 6-7 days including acclimatisation days and reserve day in case of a bad weather.

WildGuru guides offer you to climb the mount Tetnuldi together!

+995 595162255 (WhatsApp, Viber)

16 июля 2018 15:57
363 messages
363 messages
16 июля 2018 15:57 Reply

Photoreport about an ascent in June!
Next dates: 28.08-02.09.2018. Join!

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