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Allowed frequences for 2-way radios in Georgia
15 января 2017 23:13
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15 января 2017 23:13 Reply


I hope someone could inform me which frequences for 2-way radios are allowed (license free) in Georgia? Is usage of PMR 446 radios OK, or should I use some other frenquency band?

I do have configurable radios so any pointer to allowed frequences would be very nice.

Thanks in advance! 

16 января 2017 02:07
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16 января 2017 02:07 Reply


Rescuers are using licensed frequency range VHF 134 - 174 MHz and power of 5 watts. They use 2 channels: 1 - 2 straight through a repeater, so the coverage of their radios - all the Gudauri.
In addition, to get in touch with them need to know the access code on the channel, otherwise even knowing their frequency, they do not hear. The access code is available from the lifeguards.

16 января 2017 22:31
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16 января 2017 22:31 Reply

Thanks for the translations. My russian is non existing. So we should keep clear of those frequences.

Justo to clarify: I am not going to contact rescue workes, but using 2-way radios with between friends, e.g. instructing which line to ski, checking if mate is OK after a fall, group management of piste, etc. Generally to avoid shouting in otherwice peacefull mountain scenery. 

We use PMR 446 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PMR446) in Europe, FRS (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Family_Radio_Service) in northern America, Japan has its own regulations, etc.... So, I am interested to hear which (if any) are the allowed frequences in Georgia, i.e. non licenced ones.


16 января 2017 23:34
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16 января 2017 23:34 Reply

I'm no expert, unfortunately, but the LPD (433MHz) - it is good, in my opinion. Or PMR 446)) no FRS.

If you make a mistake, you will be asked to leave the frequency.

16 января 2017 23:40
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16 января 2017 23:51
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16 января 2017 23:51 Reply

I'll try to find out more precisely. When you go to Gudauri?

17 января 2017 00:26
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17 января 2017 00:26 Reply

From sat 21st. Will be there two weeks.

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