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Are restaurants open?
22 марта 12:18
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22 марта 12:18 Reply

Hi there, we are coming next week (yay!), are restaurants, bars etc open for dine in, and on the weekends too? I've been reading that on Sat/Sun they are closed. Thanks : )

22 марта 12:35
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2190 Posts
22 марта 12:35 Reply

they are working till 21:00. Inside hotels - later. On weekend- only on open air or delivery

22 марта 12:38
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22 марта 12:38 Reply

thanks so much N. Great news. Are there kiosks or ski cafes on the piste that are open for lunch or snacks etc on the weekend? Or everything closed? Will the supermarket be open on the weekends?

22 марта 20:02
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302 messages
22 марта 20:02 Reply

you will survive! Food +Georgia is the same

31 марта 20:41
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31 марта 20:41 Reply

Working till 21.00 

I took the family to Gudauri Ski resort in Georgia 2 weeks ago. We liked it so much that we are going again next week.

It's just a 3.5 hr flight to Georgia and it's open for everyone with a UAE residence.

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