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avalanche risk, weather, snowfall records?
22 декабря 2020 11:10
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22 декабря 2020 11:10 Reply



  we are planning as a group to com essay writer around gauduri for ski touring mi april. Planning for that we are looking for some information:


  is tehre an avalanche risk estimation in georgia similar to that available in countries members of European Avalanche warning system?

 is there is georgia a set of meteorological station recording snow heights along the year? if so is there an open database of these record?


more prosaically, what are the usual snow condition for ski rouing around Gauduri mid april?


thx in advance.

22 декабря 2020 12:31
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2 messages
22 декабря 2020 12:31 Reply


Mid April is a bit late for skitouring near the Gudauri area. It is still possible to find a good lines and snow, but generally snowpack from 1500 to 2500 is wet. I recommend changing your dates to mid of March if it is possible.

Unfortunately, there are no public information about avalanche activities and snow reports in Georgia. 

Just local guides (but not all) more or less can give the information about the current avalanche hazard.

Feel free to contact me thought FB.


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