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Shared transfer Tbilisi-Gudauri 20-24
11 февраля 2017 02:34
2 messages
2 messages
11 февраля 2017 02:34 Reply

Hello, we are 2 boys from Lithuania searching for one or two persons to share taxi expenses,

we will arrive to Tbilisi at 19 of Ferbury from Kutaisi, and on 20 arround 11:30am we planding to take taxi and go to Gudauri, taxi should cost ~100 gel using Taxify app.

if you will also be in tbilsi and want to hang out it's also ok 

U can pm me on facebook Simas Muraska

18 февраля 2017 12:54
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2458 Posts
18 февраля 2017 12:54 Reply

Ask the Russian-speaking forum - http://www.gudauri.ru/forum/section/ischu_poputchikov/

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