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Ukrainian Airlines and ski set.
4 февраля 2017 15:11
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4 февраля 2017 15:11 Reply

Hello everybody.

I want to take my ski set by this airlines. Should I expect a acurate measurement of my skies on the airport? I have not booked exta ski equipment fees.  Does anybody have any experience in this matter? 

4 февраля 2017 20:01
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2474 messages
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4 февраля 2017 20:50
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4 февраля 2017 20:50 Reply


I transported in a cover two snowboard, shoes, two mounting.
Snowboard length was 165. I did not order extra.
Staff did not look my equipment.

It's not always the same.

1 марта 2017 14:15
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7 Posts
1 марта 2017 14:15 Reply

Thanks guys!

Everything was very easy, next time only with ukranian airlines. Oles_r - thanks,  I used your advise. 

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