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Georgia is amazing country with unique culture, hospitable people and wonderful nature and you will see it if you go on exciting journey with us.

Tbilisi + Mzheta
Your journey we will start in Tbilisi. It is quite charm of small Tbilisian streets, the terraces shaded by grape pergolas, old churches with tile domes, ancient monastery ruins, traditional Georgians yards with fancy verandas.
In Tbilisi you will see the most gorgeous Georgian temple – Sameba cathedral, which amazes by beauty and greatness of architecture, magnificence of style and outside decor.
Tbilisi will show you Metekhi temple, which is standing right at the very edge of the rocky shore of Kura-river and in the past was serving as a fortress and residence for Georgian kings.
Ancient fortress Narikala – the most famous monument of Georgian history, the citizens call it «the soul and heart of the city». And of course we will visit modern bridge, which is called The bridge of Peace by the president. It is the second bridge in the world in the complexity of architecture.
Also we will have a walk on the famous pedestrian street Sharden, which is famous for its huge amount of cafes and bars, east shisha bars, restaurants with European, East and of course Georgian national cuisine that you can taste. And we will definitely walk to the Freedom Square and to the main avenue of Tbilisi – Rustaveli.
Then we will go to Mzheta. This wonderful city is located among the rocky mountains and rivers Kura and Aragvi, where is preserved the main Christian Cathedral of Georgia – Svetitshoveli.

Night Tbilisi
Tbilisi is famous for its night life and beauty. It is unusual, mysterious, friendly and always glad to new meetings. Night excursions in Tbilisi are not only admiring the lights of city but also fascinating journey on the streets and alleys.
During the night excursion in Tbilisi we will ride on the bright Rustaveli avenue and we will have possibility to enjoy the atmosphere of ancient city, discover historical facts about more than 1550 year Tbilisi history immersed in night lights of temples and cathedrals. We will definitely visit the temple Sameba, one of the biggest temple in the world, and climb to the Narikala fortress where you will see the breathtaking view.
The small Tbilisian streets of old city will wait for you. There you can find the huge amount of unusual cafes and bars and many others. Tbilisi transformed from a quite city into bustling city, where the life doesn't stop when the night is coming.

Wine tour
We want to invite you to the real Georgian wine cellar, where you can taste different types of homemade wine, which is kept under the ground in the crock that gives to the wine exquisite taste.
In the wine cellar of hotel Aragvi unforgettable wine, chacha, cognac and others surprises are waiting for you. You can plunge into the world of Georgian cuisine and under the guidance of chefs try to cook khinkali (Georgian dumplings). The excursion includes the degustation different types of wine and Georgian food. Additionally you can order transfer from you hotel to our wine cellar and buy your favorite wine as a souvenirs or just for yourself.

The price for the excursions starts from 20 USD for the person and depends on number of people. To calculate the price, please write us a message using the form below or directly to administrator.

Our contacts:
tel; viber; whatsapp;  +995 574 46 30 20   Saddam Aliev,
tel; viber; whatsapp;  +995 595 54 23 19   Ksenia Rasina,
tel;  +995 591 91 72 72  Lado Buchukuri 
Also additionally you can order the transfer all over Georgia or others multi-day tour. More details you can look here.

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