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Kiwitaxi Ski

With Kiwitaxi Ski, you can pre-book a car that will fit your entire company + luggage and equipment. The driver will track your flight arrival time and meet you at the airport with a name sign. In case you book a trip from the hotel, the driver will wait for you in the lobby at the agreed time. The cars are not older than 7 years, regularly undergo maintenance, and each driver is licensed to carry passengers.

The price is fixed — it will not change due to snowfall and traffic jams.

You can book a transfer on the website.

GeTTour Company

  • Comfortable and safe transfers.

  • Reliable and prepared cars for snowy roads, most of them are company owned.

  • All drivers have necessary skills of safety driving on snowy roads.

  • We meet you in the airport arrival hall and take till the hotel!

  • Discount for ordering a round transfer.

  • The transfer service includes: unlimited waiting in case of flight delay, orientation according to the exchange rate, transportation of ski equipment, SIM card, supermarket stop.

  • For a certain surcharge, you will be met by a certified driver-guide who will make a sightseeing tour.

  • 24/7 you can contact to our reservation managers +995577602362;+995595460023 (Viber/WhatsApp/Telegram) Book online via link

  1-2  3-4

Viano-Vito- Hiace-Delica

Mercedes Sprinter 8-12 Mercedes Sprinter 12-19 Mercedes Sprinter VIP 12-19
Tbilisi- Gudauri 55usd 60-70usd 80-90usd 100-120usd 120-150usd 140-190usd
Tbilisi- Kazbegi 75usd 80-90usd 100-110usd 120-140usd 140-170usd 160-210usd
Kutaisi- Gudauri 100usd 110usd 120-140usd 160-180usd 190-230usd 220-270usd
Vladikavkaz -Gudauri 85usd 95usd 120-140usd 160-180usd 190-220usd  
Tbilisi -Mestia 180usd 195usd 230usd 190-320usd 320-350usd 400-430usd


LTD Tkemali Tour

provides transfers throughout Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, North Caucasus of Russia. New cars, experienced drivers, individual approach to each client. Tel (24/7 hot line)  +995 577 000 137 Kristina (transfers) и +995 577 000 157 Tatjana. (24/7 hot line), www.tkemalitour.com; tkemalitour@gmail.com. More informatoin with prices and direct booking here
  1-4 5-7 8-10 8-20
Tbilisi 65usd 85usd 100usd 120usd
Kutaisi 85usd 110usd 150usd 170usd
Vladikavkaz 90usd 120usd 160usd 180usd
Tbilisi-Mestia (Svaneti) 180usd 240usd 340usd 360usd
Gudauri-Mestia (Svaneti) 250usd 340usd 400usd 480usd



experience since 2011 in transportation and tourism. Without any pre-tax. meeting passengers in arrival hall of airport with the welcoming and in case of flight-delayed the driver is waiting for you. Off-road cars above 2006 years with winter tires.the cars are arranged by transportation of skiing equipment. If you choose to pay both-directions together,we offer you 15% discount in back transfer.
Transport Mitsubishi Delica Mitsubishi Delica Prado VIP Mitsubishi Delica Toyota Hiace Mercedes Sprinter Sprinter VIP
Persons 1-2 3-4 1-3 5-7 8-10 11-16 10-12
Tbilisi- Gudauri  60 $ 70 $ 120 $ 90 $ 100 $ 120 $ 140 $
Tbilisi- Kazbegi 80 $ 90 $ 140 $ 110 $ 120 $ 140 $ 160 $
Kutaisi- Gudauri 140 $ 150 $ 180 $ 170 $ 180 $ 200 $ 240 $
Vladikavkaz- Gudauri 80 $ 90 $   120 $      

Contacts: Any time for 24 hours Viber or Whatsapp: +995599370037 Zurab +995555370037 Maiko e-mail: geodaritravel@gmail.com Reviews about us on Tripadvisor.


Transfer company ExpressService

a reliable partner of Gudauri since 2010. We have a completely updated fleet and only four-wheel drive cars, in the salons of our cars do not smoke and each car has wireless Internet access. In case of flight delay, we wait for you. Payment in all convenient ways: remotely online, on-site card, through the terminal, or in cash. No prepayment is required.

When ordering a transfer in both directions, we provide a discount and give gifts (discount and gifts do not apply to the transfer Vladikavkaz – Gudauri and Gudauri – Vladikavkaz).

Tel, viber, whatsapp,telegram: +995 558917272, +995 596917272, +995 595917272, +995 591917272 http://www.gudaturi.com. You can make a request here.

Prices for one way, season 2019-2020 

Passangers 1-3 RAV 4 2015 Land Cruiser
Prado 2018
4-7 8-11 12-17

vip-sprinter (8-16)

18-35 36-50
Tbilisi- Gudauri 50-55€ 70€ 120€ 80€ 90€ 100€ 120€ 250€ 300€
Kutaisi- Gudauri 110€   180€ 150€ 180€ 200€ 240€ 350€ 450€
Tbilisi- Kazbegi 90€ 110€ 150€ 100€ 110€ 120€ 170€ 300€ 350€
Kutaisi- Kazbegi 120€     160€ 200€ 220€ 300€ 400€ 500€
Vladikavkaz- Gudauri 80€     110€ 170€     170€  
Wine as a gift* 1btl 2btl 1btl 2btl 2btl 3btl 3btl 3btl 5btl

The children’s chair – 5$ is in addition paid.


– More Than Just Another Shuttle Service! Our service provides comfortable, clean and smoke-free transportation for 40% less than the average market prices.

1.    More than a 100 highly rated drivers.
2.    Booking within 2 minutes, no advance fee or credit card information needed.
3.    Feel free to ask the driver to make a stop at any time, in case you need to take a picture or for any other reason.
4.    You have the ability to map out your own route or simply choose the one we offer. 

Over 5000 positive reviews from our customers are available on the website. 99% of these people gave our service five stars out of five. 

Click here and make a reservation right now, while cars with the lowest prices are still available.


Useful links:
Transfer from Tbilisi Airport to Gudauri – from $49 for a car
Transfer from Tbilisi to Kazbegi – from $51 for a car
Transfer from Kutaisi Airport to Gudauri – from $73 for a car
Transfer from Kutaisi Airport to Kazbegi – from $86 for a car
Transfer from Tbilisi to Mestia (Svaneti) – from $137 for a car


GE-TOUR Travel Agency 

offers you tours and transfers in Georgia and Armenia. Company provides comfortable and modern cars (Best equipment for winter driving) with professional drivers for your safe ride. 

+995591513535 (WatsApp/Viber) www.ge-tour.gegetouroffice@gmail.comoffice@ge-tour.ge Client satisfaction is our number one goal!  You can check the reviews about us on Tripadvisor bу the link

  1-2 3-4 5-8 8-10 11-20
Tbilisi- Gudauri 60usd 65usd 80usd 100usd 120usd
Tbilisi- Kazbegi 75usd 80usd 90usd 115usd 130usd
Kutaisi- Gudauri 140usd 150usd 170usd 190usd 200usd
Kutaisi- Kazegi 155usd 165usd 185usd 200usd 215usd
Tbilisi-Mestia 180usd 195usd 230usd 340usd 350usd
Gudauri-Mestia 250usd 280usd 340usd 410usd 470usd


LLC Georgian Bus

is one of the leading transport companies in Georgia operating in tourism and transportation business for more than 7 years.
  • 10 comfortable coach buses Mercedes-Benz Travego (2010-2015) with a capacity 47 passengers;
  • 7 medium size buses - Isuzu (2012-2014) with a capacity 31 passengers;
  • 15 microbuses Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (2012-2016) with a capacity 15-17 passengers;
  • More than 25 comfortable vans Mercedes-Benz Viano/Vito and SUVs.
Book your transfer at info@georgianbus.com No prepayment required. Free cancelation.
Passengers 1-4 5-7 8-12 13-18 20-30 31-45
Kutaisi- Gudauri 70$ 100$ 150$ 170$ 220-240$ 300-380$
Gudauri- Kutaisi 60$ 80$ 120$ 150$ 200$ 300$
Tbilisi- Gudauri 65$ 85$ 110$ 130$ 170$ 250$
Gudauri- Tbilisi 55$ 75$ 90$ 105$ 150$ 230$

You can buy tickets online at georgianbus.com.

  Kutaisi- Gudauri Kutaisi-Tbilisi airoport Kutaisi-Kutaisi
1 passenger (ticket online) 50 GEL, ** 20 GEL 5 GEL, **
**Door to Door service


Geo Mandarin

offers transportation and excursion services. Bonus - a bottle of Georgian wine when ordering a transfer. 10% discount for a one-time transfer order in both directions. 10% discount on excursion products of the company when ordering a transfer to / from the resort. Free time waiting for the transfer of 1.5 hours.

Tel WhatsApp, Viber (24/7) +995596 164000 Katerina; +995 596 764000 Maria, www.geomandarin.com; manager@geomandarin.com. We speak Russian, English, French. You can order the service and get answers to all questions here.

  1-3 4-7 8-16
Tbilisi -Gudauri 65usd 85usd 100usd
Kutaisi -Gudauri 85usd 110usd 150usd
Vladikavkaz -Gudauri 90usd 120usd 170usd
Gudauri -Mestia (Svaneti) 250usd 340usd 400usd
Tbilisi -Mestia (Svaneti) 180usd 240usd 340usd

We have not studied airway to Tbilisi, information on flights is available. Let’s suppose you are at Tbilisi airport, starting your way at hospitable Georgian land.

1) Tbilisi - Gudauri
We suggest you would have someone meeting you at the airport, since the way to Gudauri for people speaking no Georgian/Russian is a real challenge. If you are on your own, the following is for you.

Gudauri is about 120 km from Tbilisi; it would take about two hours by car or few more by bus. It is reasonable to move from the airport to the city, first, ancient Tbilisi undoubtedly worth seeing (see excursions to Tbilisi from Gudauri) and second, you would save pretty good money. You need to go near the subway station Didube and look for:
2) A kind of jitney (small bus) heading for Gudauri, Kobi or Kazbegi. The problem is that all names are in Georgian, try to have the names in written with you.

--- Gudauri
--- Kobi
--- Pasanauri
--- Tbilisi
--- Didube
--- Railway Station



Second, the buses have no schedule or we do not know it :). Approximate time of departure was 12-00 and 17-00. And expect a lot of people in line. Only good thing is the price – about $3-4.
2. Taxi. Here you have to agree on price – it is not fixed :). We believe $30-50 will make it, depending on time – is it vacation time or not. If you cooperate with other people, you share your costs. In comments below you could find contacts to book transfer in advance

Transfer Kutaisi
Free WiFi
Transfers and tours
GoTrip – More Than Just Another Shuttle Service!
Transfers, Tours, Sightseeing
Transfers and tours
  • you can cross the border 24/7 but only with auto or bicycle
  • there is no winter disel in Georgia
  • part Kobi- Gudauri in Georgia can be closed to know this in advance please call  +995322418502;  +995 322 418 502, +995 322 051221.
  • An auto insurance is obligatory just buy it online here 

Car Rental: Tel, viber, whatsapp, telegram: +995 595 91 72 72, +995 558 91 72 72, +995 596 91 72 72, +995 591 91 72 72.    www.gudaturi.com

Rental price per day. Season 2020
Toyota  Land Cruiser Prado 2018 100€
Toyota Rav 4   2015  60€
Mitsubishi Pajero IO 2007  40€


Recommended private taxi drivers direct phones:

  • KOBA   +995 577 34 02 84         +995 599 15 17 65 Whatsapp, Viber    
  • TEDO    +995 577 62 03 38 
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