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Gudauri / Transfer Geo Mandarin
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Transfer Geo Mandarin

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Geo Mandarin offers transportation and excursion services. Big car fleet, availability of child seats on request, air conditioning, polite, non-smokers and punctual drivers, professional guides. Professional support 24/7.

  • Check-in at an exchange office with a good rate, stop at a hypermarket at the request of the client.
  • Bonus - a bottle of Georgian wine when ordering a transfer.
  • 10% discount for a one-time transfer order in both directions.
  • 10% discount on excursion products of the company when ordering a transfer to / from the resort.
  • Free time waiting for the transfer of 1.5 hours, waiting over is paid separately.
  • A full list of services and their cost can be found at

Contacts: You can order the service and get answers to all questions by filling out the form below on the website or by calling WhatsApp, Viber +995596 1 64000 Katerina; +995 596 7 64000 Maria, e-mail We speak Russian, English, French.

  1-3 4-7 8-16
Tbilisi -Gudauri 65usd 85usd 100usd
Kutaisi -Gudauri 85usd 110usd 150usd
Vladikavkaz -Gudauri 90usd 120usd 160usd
Gudauri -Mestia (Svaneti) 250usd 340usd 400usd
Tbilisi -Mestia (Svaneti) 180usd 240usd 340usd
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Your request will be forwarded directly to transfer company.
If no response please make us a note to we will check.
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