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$48 Hotel Rezo Hut

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SNOWY MARCH!!! From 1st to 8th of March SPECIAL PRICE!!! $48 per person!!! 50 meters from the lower station of the Shino cable car. Relaxing landscapes from the windows, cozy rooms, delicious food and indescribable by any word atmosphere - all that is the hotel “RezoHut”. Designed for 45 guests. You will be treated with a glass of real homemade wine prepared with soul and fed with meals of True Georgian Cooking.
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60-70$ Mount view
New Gudauri (spa)
60-70$ NewGudauri
Hot deals
1 USD = 2.5754 GEL
1 GEL = 0.39 USD
1 EUR = 2.7727 GEL
1 GEL = 0.36 EUR
100 RUB = 3.3620 GEL
1 GEL = 29.74 RUB
www.nbg.gov.ge 28.03.2023
Retro hotel (14 beds)
Food delivery in Gudauri!
Transfers, Tours, Sightseeing
Transfers, car rental, sightseeing tours
70 euro flight
Delivery: food, hookah
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