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7 -11 Januar: 50% discount Hotel Good Inn Gudauri

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-50% from the official price 7-11 Januar (from 55$ per room HB) 10 rooms of different type. Restaurant within the hotel is the best place to taste special dishes from Georgian and European cuisine. Our bar offers a diverse choice of drinks, where guests can try well-known Georgian wines. Meanwhile our qualified personnel are always eager to provide best service to our guests.
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100$ 2 rooms 4 pers
70-100$ New Gudaurii
with Underg. Parking
Discount -15%
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1 USD = 2.6634 GEL
1 GEL = 0.38 USD
1 EUR = 3.0363 GEL
1 GEL = 0.33 EUR
100 RUB = 3.9891 GEL
1 GEL = 25.07 RUB
www.nbg.gov.ge 17.01.2019
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