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about accident at Sadzele lift
17 March 2018

Dear friends! Some words about accident that occurred yesterday on Sadzele lift.
Facts are: 
Around 90 seconds lift was spinning very fast the other way than normal. Most of the people, also our friends able to jump out of 15 chairs which were spinning wrong way.
Then the lift stopped.
Nobody died, 8 people has minor injures, 2 are in the hospital. In the time of accident panic was obvious, but just seconds after georgian rescue service and volunteers react very fast to secure victims. 
The most injured were very fast transported to the local dispensary, and later to hospital in Tbilisi. 
Big respect to the rescue service and any others who helped during accident.
It took just 1,5h to move every other people who stuck on the lift.
Now experts from Doppelmayer, the constructor of the lift are investigating why emergency brakes didn't work. 
Gudauri lifts were inspected and are safe.
Come over and enjoy snow, slopes, and beyond:)

information from Happy Yeti Hostel&Bar

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