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Go Georgia

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Go Georgia offers safe transfers around Georgia Secure, safe, cheap! Since 2016 in the tourism sector. Transfers on winter-prepared cars. Experienced and non-smoking drivers in comfortable cars. The opportunity will stop at the store, for coffee\tea or cafe. Meeting in the arrival hall with a sign, when the flight is delayed unlimited waiting time. The driver will tell where it is more profitable to exchange currency. Prices via the link
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Hotel Club-2100
Hot deals
1 USD = 2.6695 GEL
1 GEL = 0.37 USD
1 EUR = 2.8793 GEL
1 GEL = 0.35 EUR
100 RUB = 2.9157 GEL
1 GEL = 34.3 RUB
www.nbg.gov.ge 11.12.2023
Retro hotel (14 beds)
Transfers, Tours, Sightseeing
Delivery: food, hookah
Discounts for Accomodation
Food delivery in Gudauri!
70 euro flight
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