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Thanks for review: Hostel Snow Land

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Thank the owners - Nona and Vano for the enjoyable reception of guests! We came home from the airport at night, it was very pleasant, that after the long flight and the five-hour journey, in the middle of the night, the owner met us with warm tea. The table in this house was always richly covered, very diverse food for breakfast and dinner. Nona has always taken care of the diversity of food, which was a true Georgian traditional food and was very different every day. I would to say, if you haven't eaten well, you don't leave house , because Nona always took care of the food. The owners tried to create a sense of homes so far from our home. And the delicious real Georgian home wine was always available here. From the room window, a romantic mountain landscape that warmed our minds every morning and evening. It was a pleasure to have a ten-minute hike and we were at the hoist  every morning, with all the heavy inventory it’s not so far. Fireplace, mountains and good wine - all we wanted! Thank the owners! 

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