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Transfer: ManGo Georgia

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Company owned cars, which are prepared for snowy roads. All drivers have necessary skills of safety driving on snowy roads. We meet you in the airport arrival hall and take till the hotel! The transfer service includes: unlimited waiting in case of flight delay, orientation according to the exchange rate, transportation of ski equipment, help to choose SIM card, supermarket stop. More info and prices at the link
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Hotel Club-2100
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1 USD = 2.6695 GEL
1 GEL = 0.37 USD
1 EUR = 2.8793 GEL
1 GEL = 0.35 EUR
100 RUB = 2.9157 GEL
1 GEL = 34.3 RUB
www.nbg.gov.ge 10.12.2023
Delivery: food, hookah
Retro hotel (14 beds)
Transfers, Tours, Sightseeing
Discounts for Accomodation
Food delivery in Gudauri!
70 euro flight
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