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 70-150$ pro flat on the 7th floor. Elevator. Gorgeous View.  Location: Penta Invest Building ("Burjanadze house" ) 150m from the ski slopes, There is a ski path to and from the ski lift. you ski from and at the end of the day you ski right to the building. Flat is on the 7th floor. The house has an elevator. Rooms: 2 rooms for 5 persons Equipment: WIFI, TV, , fully equipped kitchen. Bed linens, towel...
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06 September 2018
10-25 USD/night The cost of two meals a day - 10 USD Great location, 5 min walk to a supermarket, pharmacy, ski lift, several restaurants. Separate dining room, bar, skirental. We also have free WiFi, a projector and table games. You can order Georgian dishes and hookah. Rooms are for 4-5-6 people
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30-45 usd per person HB and transfer inlcluded Vegetarian menu (based on your request) Big Hall with a fireplace, bar with best Georgian house wines and strong drinks. Veranda for sunbathing and barbecue 4 Standard doubles, 1 double with the balcony, 1 family room for 5 people. All rooms are furnished. Room service is performed daily. Discounts apply for groups of 10 people and more
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from November Ryanair is going to introduce new rules for the luggage: small suitcases no longer free! But the small carry on bag remains free to take on board up to 20 litres (40х20х25).
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You can take your hand luggage (maximum size 55 x 40 x 23 cm) still for free but if it exceeds 40 x 30 x 18 cm, you must check it in at the check-in desk free of charge and you can collect it at the baggage belt at the arrival airport. If your hand luggage is smaller than 40 x 30 x 18 cm, you may can take it into the cabin but it must be placed under the seat.
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New Prices in Gudauri of season 2018-2019: 2-3-4 rooms, 50-180 usd HB All rooms are equipped with new modern furniture and satellite TV. Internet WiFi. Storage room for skis and ski clothing. Cafe with dishes of national cuisine, a fireplace and a billiards room. Ski and snowboard rental services, instructor, excursions. The hotel is beautifully situated in the Old Gudauri, 600m to the ski- lift, shuttle to the ski-lifts is included ...
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80$ - 160$ New apartment, fully furnished, equipped kitchen, utensils and all necessary appliances (TV 50 'LCD; fridge, satellite TV, Boiler for 100 liters, oil heaters), internet, bed linen and towels.
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Date: 27.08.2018 – 02.09.2018. Tetnuldi is the summit, located on the spur of the Main Caucasus Range (Upper Svaneti, Georgia). 2B route (in Russian classification) is the classical ascending route on mount Tetnuldi. It takes 6-7 days including acclimatisation days and reserve day in case of a bad weather. WildGuru guides offer you to climb the mount Tetnuldi together!
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Khorisar Backcountry Camp (1-7 of April) with with WildGuru team. Next camp: 31 March - 6 April.
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Some photos from our spring camp (1-7 of April). It was fantastic! Thank you guys who was with us!
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30 March 2018
Snow in Gudauri 29 March 2018 VIDEO by the link Thanks, Gudauri Luxe
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24 March 2018
Despite Georgia's help, Inna needs a very long time to recover. You can support Inna with a small donation to the bank account of her parents (see under the link) or paypal . Many thanks to everybody. Only serious Inna's injures: damage to the first vertebra in the lower back, an open splinter fracture of the scapula, an open fracture of the ulna, broken ribs that hurt the lungs and broken the thigh! Inna is in the most critical condition from everyone who was injured in Sadzele Ski
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Bureau Veritas experts concluded that there really was electricity failure, which led to the operation failure of the chairlift. “However, after the chairlift was stopped, the operator had to introduce specific sequence of procedures and after implementation of the certain actions, the operator had to switch the chairlift on to the diesel generator power and bring the tourist to the safe site where they would have left the chairlift. Unfortunately, according to the current conclusion, the operator m
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Regular Buses (from 25.12.2017- 25.03.2018): Our company offer regular buses on the route Airport Tbilisi – Tbilisi – Gudauri – Airport Tbilisi. The price for one way is 40 gel (~13$), round trip – 70 gel (~25$) From Tbilisi airport - at 19:30. The bus will stop for 5 minutes near Avlabari metro station, where you can sit in the bus. From the metro station the bus will depart at 19:50. From Gudauri - from 10:00 til 11.00. The driver can stop the bus near Avlabari metro station on your request.
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18 March 2018
Inna's mom asked all who are not indifferent to put a candle in the church for Inna and pray! Inna is in the most critical condition from everyone who was injured in Sadzele Ski Lift Incident on March 16, 2018! Only serious Inna's injures: damage to the first vertebra in the lower back, an open splinter fracture of the scapula, an open fracture of the ulna, broken ribs that hurt the lungs and broken the thigh! Today Inna was ...
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Around 90 seconds lift was spinning very fast the other way than normal. Most of the people, also our friends able to jump out of 15 chairs which were spinning wrong way. Then the lift stopped. Nobody died, 8 people has minor injures, 2 are in the hospital. In the time of accident panic was obvious, but just seconds after georgian rescue service and volunteers react very fast to secure victims. The most injured were very fast transported to the local dispensary, and later to hospital in Tbilisi. Big r
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Sadzele Ski Lift of Doppelmayr runs today back for 1.5 minutes- 8 people were injured, injuries are moderate. International independent experts were invited to conduct expertise The State Development Ministry's Mountain Resorts Development Company will fully compensate all the costs of the treatment. The Interior Ministry has already launched an investigation of the incident. Other Gudauri Lifts are working as usual but Sadzele. Photo and Video by the link
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13 March 2018
Skitour on mt. Dedaena! A powder day!
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Khorisar Backountry Camp – backcountry camp in the area around Khorisar volcano (Main Caucasus Range, Georgia). 2 days of skitour/freeride at the resort + 5 days of full-time ski-tour and riding at one of the best spots around Gudauri.
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