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Ski rent and Ski service Club-2100

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Location:  rental is located in the hotel of the same name CLUB-2100 (see the map), next to the Penta-Invest building (better known as the Burzhanadze Building). The hotel is located next to the ski slope. From the hotel's doorstep to the cable car on skis can be reached in 1-2 minutes and just as quickly and easily back from the slope. There are signs on the road to the CLUB-2100 hotel.

Equipment: new ski and snowboard sets. Skis: Atomic, Dynastar, Elan, Fischer, Rossignol, Salomon, Snowboards: Rossignol All sizes are available. At the request of the client, we provide both complete sets and separate necessary components.

Prices 2021-2022: for guests of hotel CLUB-2100 there is a discount 28% for any days of rent (more)

  Price per 1 day
Ski sets from 45 GEL
Ski from 25 GEL
Ski boots from 25 GEL
Ski sticks from 10 GEL
Helmet from 10 GEL
Snowboard set from 40 GEL
Snowboard from 25 GEL
Snowboard boots from 25 GEL

Ski-service: working at the rental point will provide a full range of services for the repair or preparation of your ski equipment for skiing: installation and adjustment of bindings, waxing the sliding surface, sharpening edges, surface restoration.

Additional: CLUB-2100 hotel has a restaurant of Georgian and European cuisine (details), sauna, jacuzzi 

Contacts: Web: club-2100.com Email:gudauri@club-2100.com  (+995) 571 21 00 00  (+995) 574 12 21 00 Skype: hotelclub2100

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100 RUB = 3.0723 GEL
1 GEL = 32.55 RUB
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