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Gudauri / accommodation - apartment eka (2 rooms 4+1 pers)
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We are inviting you to a little paradise, which is located in the mountain ski resort Gudauri.

Location: The little paradise is located in the "Mgzavrebi" residential hotel on the fifth floor. The apart-hotel is located in immediate proximity to the skiing run of the 1st line at a height of 2100 meters above sea level.

Rooms: There s a light and cozy room for rent in the "Mgzavrebi" apart hotel. The room comprises a bedroom, living-room and bathroom .

Equipment: Hot and cold water 24/7, central heating, wet unit, shower. The room is equipped with flat-screen TV set, built-in kitchen with all the implements and a fridge. 4 people can be easily housed in (there is a two-seat open-up sofa, a huge full size bed and very comfortable folding bed).

Discounts: 5% discount for booking more than 7 nights.

Contacts: +995599415116 Katerina

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Calendar updated 4 november 2019

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