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Gudauri / accommodation - apartment sali (2 rooms max 5 pers.)
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Location: Located in a house PENTA INVEST (hotel Burjanadze) on the sixth floor, 150-200m from the ski slopes, between the first and second lifts. 2100 m above sea level. From the building to the highway you can just slide down to the first turn and go home having descended from the second phase of the lift.
The building is guarded entrance, restaurant, bar and private Ski Depot (lockers).

Equipment: 2-bedroom, luxury fully furnished apartment
The apartment has a bathroom with a shower and dryer, satellite television, fully equipped kitchen (dishes, electric kettle, toaster, refrigerator, stove), internet access - free Wi-Fi. There is always hot water (central boiler).
Bedding, towels (for face and bath) included in the price.

Contacts: 599582383; 593159273

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Calendar updated 31 october 2019

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