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Looking to buy used Freeride Snowboard
9 января 19:47
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1 Message
9 января 19:47 Reply

Happy Evening Powder People,

somebody in Gudauri has used Freeride Snowboard to offer / sell? Only Snowboard optimally with disc Binding system

Please send me mail if you have and what you have to offer

Thanks and good night

7 февраля 13:10
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7 Posts
7 февраля 13:10 Reply


I have LibTech Orca 150 cm (2021) for sale - 310 EUR. Pristine condition, all waxed and ready to go. I could bring to Gudauri on 16th of February.


15 февраля 07:54
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1 Message
15 февраля 07:54 Reply

selling snowboard 1/60 $200 for freeride/full body kit/located in Gudauri+12248000667 whatsapp

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Retro hotel (14 beds)
70 euro flight
Delivery: food, hookah
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