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Situation In Gudauri (29 December)
29 декабря 2008 17:03
5 Posts
5 Posts
29 декабря 2008 17:03 Reply
Theres pretty good situation for skiing... But althought there is not enought snow some of rocks are seen on the slopes, ski-pass is still 25 GEL, but ski rental got more expensive in Marco Polo hotel, minimal prise to rent a ski for a day is 40 GEL. The cheapest and the nearest hotel to Marco Polo is Sno-Inn. its 70 GEL a day For person And its in front of Marco Polo Hotel Nearly 20 Meters... Whish You Happy New Year :) :) :satisfied
Discounts for Accomodation
Delivery: food, hookah
70 euro flight
Retro hotel (14 beds)
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Food delivery in Gudauri!
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