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Snow depth
4 января 12:13
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3 messages
4 января 12:13 Reply

Hello, can anyone comment the situation with snow depth in Gudauri? What are the options for free ride, are trails/pistes with open rocks or even small rocks? All lifts are open?
Base on this: https://www.skiresort.info/ski-resort/gudauri/snow-report/
Something is still closed, why?

What are the overall situation in Gudauri?

P.s. are there any restrictions due to Covid or simply have to be vaccinated?

4 января 18:59
9 Posts
9 Posts
4 января 18:59 Reply

freeride - ok

all lifts open

your site is out of date

vaccinated ok

11 января 01:07
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2 messages
11 января 01:07 Reply

Please visit the link


Snow forecast is regularly updated on this site for Guduari

( as searched on Google)

Have a great trip

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