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Taxi to gudauri
22 января 2009 11:58
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1 Message
22 января 2009 11:58 Reply
Hello you all,

I'am from Switzerland and at the beginning of March i will be in Tiblisi for a few days.
It would be great if i could go skiing in gudauri for 1 day!

The problem is, that i have only 1 day, so i have to travel to gudauri in the morning and back to tiblisi in the evening the same day by taxi.
Now i have seen that the taxi prices are a little bit high.

Does someone like to go skiing with me for 1 day at the 3th or 4th of march from tiblisi to gudauri, so that we can share the taxi price? Or does someone know an other option for me to travel to gudauri and back for a reasonable price?
That would be great!!!!
22 января 2009 14:14
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64 messages
22 января 2009 14:14 Reply
Please see privat message!
70 euro flight
Transfers, Tours, Sightseeing
Retro hotel (14 beds)
Food delivery in Gudauri!
Delivery: food, hookah
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