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Wallet stolen in MegoBari, Gudauri
24 февраля 2020 16:19
2 messages
2 messages
24 февраля 2020 16:19 Reply

23 of Feb at 14:35 the wallet with all cards, money (500 lari and 50 €) and driving license was stolen in the MegoBari. All documents were on the name of Elize Hiiop, Estonia. If anyone saw anything suspicious or found any documents, please contact +3725129907 or lumemari@gmail.com

For the thief - I worked hard for that money, it was meant for the food and transfer for the family for all week, please use it for good purposes. 

24 февраля 2020 16:25
208 Posts
208 Posts
24 февраля 2020 16:25 Reply

You should contact Police and tell them about your issue - they could probably help you find the thief

28 февраля 2020 19:04
2 messages
2 messages
28 февраля 2020 19:04 Reply

I have contacted the police and they will go through the cameras. The owner of the MegoBari was helpful and there is hope to find the documents. NB! In the police office there were loads of found documents - if you miss any, please go and check!!

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