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23 февраля 2021 11:51
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Does anyone know if its possible to get a COVID PCR test within the resort area and if so, how long the results take?  Thanks!

2 марта 2021 14:40
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2 марта 2021 14:40 Reply

From March 5, one can get the Covid PCR test in Gudauri, at the Emergency Medical Center (see the map).

  • Working hours:10:00 to 16:00 every day.
  • No prior registration.
  • You need to have your passport with you.
  • The result is ready from 24 hours to max 48 hours.
  • The result will be sent to email. If requested, you can receive a printed form.
  • Price: 130 GEL. Payment only by credit card.

Tests are carried out by the Medi Prime laboratory

10 марта 2021 11:03
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10 марта 2021 11:03 Reply

"Covid-19" PCR testing without leaving your room.

72 hours after arrival in Georgia and for submission at the border. The service is provided by the European network of medical laboratories - "Synevo":

• The sample is taken in the hotel room / apartment.

• Results by email on the next day.

• Payment can be done by cash, credit card or bank transfer.

• Price 130 GEL.

• The visit should be planned a day in advance, for communication use:

   Messenger: https://www.facebook.com/synevolabs

   Phone: + (995) 577 293 087; + (995) 032 239 38 33 from 9:00 to 18:00 Mon-Fri; 9: 00-14: 00 Sat-Sun

   Or Mail: Info@synevo.ge


15 марта 2021 17:30
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Covid-19" PCR testing New Gudauri Suites (see the map)

  • Price 120 GEL
  • Working hours:11:00 to 18:00 every day.

Tests are carried out by the Megalab laboratory

20 марта 2021 06:52
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hello,is this testing valid for traveling abroad from Georgia?

wich language is it and does it have all the neccesary stamps?


20 марта 2021 10:37
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yes, it's an international format with english translation. If you need not electronical version- ask them

20 марта 2021 13:44
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Guys, I really recommend Synevo for COVID-19 testing. They are perfectly organised, very helpful and professional. Due to the recent snowfall the road Kazbegi-Gudauri was closed and we had very little time to flight back. Not only they did express PCR test (less than 12h) but also delivered printed out results to the airport in Tbilisi. We did testing at 6 p.m. in Gudauri, results were emailed at 1a.m. and at 7:30 in the morning next day print outs in english vere delivered to us. https://synevo.ge/product/2633/ (here info about testing in Gudauri). Anna Sikorska (Freetours.pl)

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