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different way's stay in Gudauri?
19 сентября 2007 13:08
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19 сентября 2007 13:08 Reply
Can someone please give me more information about Lodging in Gudauri?
I don't belive that these three hotels are only one's in Gudauri.(these are quite expensive)
Some hotel, guest house, home lodging, hostels, hut's phone numbers and names ?
prices would be also good to know:)

thank you
see you in Gudauri
19 сентября 2007 16:47
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7 Posts
19 сентября 2007 16:47 Reply
I belive you can reed Russian:satisfied


Viva Tallin:yes
20 сентября 2007 01:20
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20 сентября 2007 01:20 Reply
i can't but my friends can:)
i hope they can translate this to me
thank you
20 сентября 2007 01:24
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20 сентября 2007 01:24 Reply
aaa thank you
these are the hotels i did not concentrate to read russian letters
now i will
21 сентября 2007 10:43
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326 Posts
21 сентября 2007 10:43 Reply
Be careful about these hotels, take a look on the stars at the right side of that list. Red means negative incident, blue is positive opinion. Orange is "so-so". Green one has a link to the hotel's manager answers in forum.
10 ноября 2007 00:24
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2 messages
10 ноября 2007 00:24 Reply
Hi! Can anybody suggest some hotel where to stay. I t is realy hard to understand something from that info what is mentioned above. Someone who has been in Gudauri and stayed in some hotel/hostel could describe situation- comfort level, price, how far from nearest ski lift and other appropriate opinions about Gudauri.
I hope for feedback,
18 февраля 2008 20:56
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9 Posts
18 февраля 2008 20:56 Reply
For rent apartment in gudauri

1 room apartment, hot/cold water, central heating. Best location. Maximum 4 person at a time. 25 euro for a each person. 100 euro for 1 night. Transfer from Tbilisi airport -Gudauri - Tbilisi airport FREE (includes price for room).
3 person : 75 euro
2 person : 80 euro

At first floor bar-restaurant.

Email: sergo@amiparts.ge
tel: +995 77 497858

Contact for detail information.
Transfers, car rental, sightseeing tours
Transfers, tours, car rental
Mobile application
Transfers and tours
Food delivery in Gudauri!
Snowbiking in Gudauri
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