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First time visitor
24 ноября 2009 08:01
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1 Message
24 ноября 2009 08:01 Reply
Hey folks, thinking about planning our first trip up from Baku and been scanning the website and can't find some information:

Which date in December do the lifts start running ?
Can you hire boards, skis and boots in Gudauri, and what price ?
Sara is still taking ski lessons, any english speaking instructors ?

We're looking forward to visiting soon !!
24 ноября 2009 20:57
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851 Message
24 ноября 2009 20:57 Reply
Andy, lifts start depending on snow. Usually it's December 24-25. Yes, you can hire snowboards, skis and boots in Gudauri at GEL 20-30 per day. As for instructors, can't be very sure about that but I guess there will be someone who will be able to comprehend you and speak some English :)
Good luck!
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70 euro flight
Delivery: food, hookah
Discounts for Accomodation
Retro hotel (14 beds)
Food delivery in Gudauri!
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