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Georgian International Ski Cup
5 апреля 2006 14:43
146 Posts
146 Posts
5 апреля 2006 14:43 Reply
The Embassy of Italy in Georgia has the pleasure to announce the organization of the Georgian International Ski Cup, which will be held in Gudauri on Sunday 9 april 2006.

The competition will be sponsored by Austrian Airlines in Georgia and it’s opened to the participation of the staff of all foreign embassies and international organizations accredited in Georgia and of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia.
6 апреля 2006 07:47
1307 Posts
1307 Posts
6 апреля 2006 07:47 Reply
Natka, maybe you will put the announciation on the Russian-speaking forum or in the news.
6 апреля 2006 11:11
275 Posts
275 Posts
6 апреля 2006 11:11 Reply
I've put it in news (both Russian and English). But may be I'm wrong with Russian translation of cup title?
6 апреля 2006 12:36
146 Posts
146 Posts
6 апреля 2006 12:36 Reply
I think the Russian title is OK, Ruslan :)
I'm just wondering which skis to take there: the Cup is supposed to start at 12:00 on the lower part of the second piste, so probably it will be useful to have also a pair of water skis :) :) :)
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