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Gudauri weather forecasts
19 февраля 2008 19:09
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2 messages
19 февраля 2008 19:09 Reply

do you know a website which will give me the Gudauri weather forecast?
I understand that the place is snowbound at the moment with huge snow drifts and avalanches and that the roads to the airports are closed for the next four days.

Thanks in advance, Bob
19 февраля 2008 21:29
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275 Posts
19 февраля 2008 21:29 Reply
unfortunately there is no meteo station nor in Gudauri neither near it, so only empiric forecast is awailable. You can find it here

btw Bob, when are you going there?
19 февраля 2008 23:28
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2 messages
19 февраля 2008 23:28 Reply
I have family stuck in a hotel in Gudauri now due to massive snowfalls.I just wanted to find out what the prospect was of seeing them again!
20 февраля 2008 09:47
275 Posts
275 Posts
20 февраля 2008 09:47 Reply
don't worry, first of all they are in safety in Gudauri. According to news from Georgian agencies road probably will be opened today.
http://www.newsgeorgia.ru/geo1/20080219/42156647.html - you can transalte in through online translator
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