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как мы ездили в Грузию 2020
4 октября 2020 18:51
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1 Message
4 октября 2020 18:51 Reply

It's time to write how we traveled to Georgia.
We have been planning a winter trip to Gudauri for a long time to go skiing, unwind with a rest from the city bustle of Moscow. We managed to take a vacation in the middle of January 2020, after reading the Internet and decided to go on our own.
Georgia greeted us warmly and sunny! At the passport control at the Georgian border guards, I immediately felt that I was abroad. Arriving in Gudauri, we were waiting for a pre-booked apartment in the New Gudauri complex, I will immediately note that New Gudauri is one of the best complexes in Gudauri both in terms of location and price / quality comparison. We were not very lucky with the snow, and we decided to compensate by seeing all the sights in the area.
In a few days in Georgian natural cuisine, I gained several kilograms ...
On the fifth day of our vacation in Gudauri, our guys decided to fly on paragliders, then Alex persuaded me and Masha to jump. These were the best experiences of my life. My instructor's name was Dmitry, I don't remember the name of the instructor Masha, but the guys are professionals in their field. To be honest, I really didn’t want to fly, as I had heard about accidents with paragliders in Georgia ... I realized that if I fly, then only with these guys. I advise everyone to experience the feeling of free flight, it cannot be described in words!
We were very lucky that we flew on a sunny day, as the next day the weather turned bad and it started to snow, and we went for a walk around Tbilisi, having stopped in Mtskheta (the old capital of Georgia), I advise!
Then we visited Bakuriani and Borjomi. I liked the park in Borjomi with hot springs where you can swim even when there is snow.
On the third day, returning to Gudauri, we saw a real winter with two-meter fresh snow sparkling in the bright high-mountainous sun.

For several days we did not climb out of the Gudauri slopes like children, cutting through the freshly fallen snow!
On the third day after a snowfall, there was no one left to ride, and we spent the whole day in the SPA complex on the minus floor of New Gudauri.
The next day we had to go home, but no one wanted to leave.
I never had such a great vacation abroad as in Georgia, everything is so simple and hospitable, there are simply no words.

The only disappointment, you have to go home ...

We hope that everything will be over soon, and we will come to Georgia again only this summer.

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