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March Snow
8 марта 2016 14:38
1 Message
1 Message
8 марта 2016 14:38 Reply

Hi. I was just wondering what the snow was like at the minute. Can't get a clean webcam picture. I'm coming over on 13th March just want to make sure the snow is good enough for skiing 

Thank you


8 марта 2016 15:01
2458 Posts
2458 Posts
8 марта 2016 15:01 Reply

Last foto from Gudauri: http://www.gudauri.ru/forum/topic/o_snege_v_gudauri/?last

Snow forecast: http://www.yr.no/place/Georgia/Other/Gudauri~614410/long.html

10 марта 2016 22:12
3 messages
3 messages
10 марта 2016 22:12 Reply

heya Bex, we're here just now and the conditions are okay. morning slopes are hard and icy, so if you're skiing it's fine, if snowboarding you may want to get later on the slopes... we're boarders so heading up around 11am. then by 2-2:30 the slopes are slushy and bad. There are already quite a few brown spots and growing day by day. don't expect great snow conditions... it's getting warmer and warmer and no sign of clouds, so no chance of snow powder... however it's sunny every day, it's nice and warm and you can enjoy couple of hours on the slopes and spend the rest in apres-ski bars! have fun!

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