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When Will Season 2008-2009 Begin?
15 декабря 2008 18:31
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5 Posts
15 декабря 2008 18:31 Reply
There's already snow in gudauri nearli 1m, an it snow almost every day... So when will the season begin?
16 декабря 2008 12:50
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851 Message
16 декабря 2008 12:50 Reply
Where do you get this information from? Surely, it's quite positive, but how reliable is it?
Officially the season will start as soon as there is enough snow and demand for the cable-ways to be turned on :wink
16 декабря 2008 12:55
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16 декабря 2008 12:55 Reply
20 december
16 декабря 2008 14:28
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16 декабря 2008 14:28 Reply
Highlander, unfortunately it all depends on snow. There is no such a term of opening a season on a particularly set date. It's mountains we are talking about and weather, which is sort of unpredictable and uncontrollable for humans :con
17 декабря 2008 18:31
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5 Posts
17 декабря 2008 18:31 Reply
well i got this info from my friend, who was there and from weather info. maybe hilander is right cos everybody told me that the season wil begin on 20th of december
18 декабря 2008 12:44
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18 декабря 2008 12:44 Reply
Not sure, not much snow for that, although the cable ways may be started on Dec-20.
Will learn more when gure returns from Gudauri today. He will bring the latest info.
See Russian-language forum, it is updated more frequently.
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